Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Not Quite Right

Not Quite Right

Just for Now 
In yesterday's post about assembling the Ott Lamp, you caught a glimpse of my Just for Now workstation set up with the bare essentials as soon as the room was dusted and vacced wall to wall and ceiling to floor.

Today I set out to create the vision I had when I began this round of room rearrange.  The concept is good but I got a few things backwards.  The concept being that the boxes could be used to create shelf space lost by the removal of the cardtable and by stacking three high I was reducing their footprint.

But having my reference shelf there in the corner worked as long as I could be within arms reach while sitting but once I'd moved the stacks of boxes in my desk got pushed too far away.  And I do not trust those stacked foldable shelves on the boxes which are not level enough.  So I'm going to switch them out with the crate shelves containing my reference books and notebooks.  Which means moving all those boxes out and back in.

Not tonight.

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