Monday, January 06, 2014

Makez Up Ur Mindz Already!!!

I just spent the entire weekend Mom was gone once again rearranging the stuff in the room that was once her office and is now my workstation, exercise station, and closet.

How many times does this make since I first started making this space my own last February when my 3 week visit had already turned into 6 weeks and looked likely to last another 12 to 20?  I'm afraid I don't have enough fingers and toes to count that far.

And this week marks the 52nd week as I arrived on January 6th.

I began Friday afternoon moving the stuff out of the front half of the room into the hallway and bedroom and the stuff on the back half into the front half just so I could move the card table 15 inches closer to the desk by moving the small antique table to its other side.

I worked until dawn Saturday then slept until noon and worked until 8am Sunday and slept until 2pm then was back at it until Mom got home at 9pm.

I went slow bringing stuff back in, consolidating contents in both mine and Mom's boxes to eliminate some and stacking them in more space-saving configurations, sorting some of them, preparing a few of mine to go down to the basement to join the stacks of boxes awaiting my move back to the Rogue Valley as soon as Ed has found a place for us.

I was trying to organize stuff as I brought it back in.  I was also dusting and sweeping the carpet on my hands and knees with a small broom and dust pan so as to collect all of the things I'd dropped or one of the cat's had carried off before I brought in the vac.  I found a couple dozen buttons and beads dropped while working on the Christmas gifts, some tiny screws, paperclips, twist ties, thread snips, needles, and a AA battery, a couple of pills, several pennies, some small slips of paper with important notes on them and an earring I'd lost several months ago.

I wasn't even close to ready to move the stuff in the hall and bedroom back in when Carri left to go pick up Mom and I had to start rushing the stuff back in willy-nilly   I was still bringing the last of the items I'd stacked on Mom's bed and the the floor on her side when she got home.  Now I can't get to my clothes and accessories and the space for rolling and swiveling my office chair is too small and my aisle out of the room is rife with toe and elbow knocking hazards.

To top it all off the desk configuration I set out to create turned out to create  more issues then it solved.  it is not working.

And I can't really do anything about it until Mom leaves again next Friday.

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