Monday, January 13, 2014

Mildew Moratorium

Mildew under cubby desk
When I finally got the last box moved out of the room this evening (the last of the xix crammed under the cubby desk in the back corner behind the stairwell) I was greeted by a huge mildew stain.  It turned out to be live and not just an old stain.

I had no idea how to proceed but realized something would have to be done about it before anything could be put back under there.  And something should be done about it pronto as I often get persistent sore throats and sinus infections from exposure to mildew.

I hated to bother my sister who had just gotten settled at her friend's house where she would be recovering from today's oral surgery and as it turned out, the wreck they got into on the way home that totaled two cars but seriously injured no one tho it was quite jarring and Carri was supposed to avoid exertion and jarring for ten days!!.

But I couldn't just stand there staring at the massive black mess wondering what I should do until she got home next week.  So I fb messaged her and an hour later she finally got back to me.  She decided the best thing to do was spray it with the mildew spray she uses in the bathrooms.  So she texted her son who then brought it up from the basement bathroom for me.

You cans see here a section of the fainter stain running along the floorboard all the way to the far corner behind the desk.

Meanwhile, between sprays, I continued sweeping the carpet on my hands and knees.  I could not vac until I was sure I would not be vaccing up buttons and beads and pins and needles and paper clips and pennies and.....

Last weekend I'd actually found my missing earring! Which motivated me to be thorough about this sweeping and inspection of the dustpan contents.

Seven and a half hours later...

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