Friday, March 01, 2013

Friday Forays in Fiction: My Brain On Story

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I'm once again trying to decide which of my elebenty-seben WIP to put my focus on next.

Or maybe a brand new one?

My storyworld is out of control.  It grows like a fungus.

The stories with titles--from flash to mega novel--are in the high double digits.  The character roster is in the triple digits and not one of them so far has boundaries they walk in and out of each other's stories tramping all over a century spanning timeline and tying knots in each other's plots.

Whenever I start sifting through the files looking for a place to start writing a new scene my brain is soon so tangled in all the loose threads it might as well be donning a straight jacket.

I got tagged last week by Julia Philips Smith for the blog hop The Next Big Thing.  The assignment is to answer ten questions about your current WIP.

Eeny meany miney more.......

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