Saturday, March 30, 2013

Riding High

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My sister and I arrived in Phoenix OR at six PM this evening.  Ed had the BBQ all ready to go and the fixings for the cheeseburgers all laid out on the kitchen counter.  He seriously outdid himself this time.  Home mad guacamole!  I didn't even use mayo in order to make room for more guacamole.   Mmmmmmmm.

I'm exhausted having had less than three hours of sleep last night and less than six almost every night for a week.  I think I can sleep.  Maybe.  Still riding so high though.

But with my sister sleeping in my office at one end of the trailer and Ed asleep in the bedroom at the other end there is nowhere for me to do much of anything without disturbing someone.  I'm standing at the kitchen counter with only the light from stove hood and trying not to clickity-clack the keys too much which means slowing down my typing to a crawl.

It's time to take my night meds tho and I'm sure the Trazadone will bring me down within range of the Sandman.  Besides after more than a month away there is nowhere I'd rather be than laying beside Ed listening to him snore.  Sleep or no.  And I get at least two nights with him this trip.

Tomorrow will be busy with heavy-duty packing so I really hope I'm able to surrender to sleep.

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