Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Somethings Got To Give

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I am feeling pinned down by the weight of too many projects.  Completely self-inflicted.  The fallout of years of starting big and little thises and thats and neither finishing nor giving up on them.  So they stay on my todo list that must be ten miles long in ten point font by now.

A sampling:

Several dozen stories and novels in my efiles
Several dozen poems in my efiles
Several dozen fiber arts projects in embroider, needlepoint, counted cross stitch and crochet
Several hundred books in my possession and on the shelves of half a dozen libraries between San Jose and Seattle
Several hundred book reviews in my efiles
Several dozen essays in my efiles
Several dozen letters composed and never sent in my efiles
Several dozen word puzzles and riddles created for a web site concept in my efiles
Several dozen crafty projects not fiber arts related
Several hundred (thousands?) family photos scanned into computer needing to be cropped, labeled, and organized
Several thousand ebooks loaded on netbook with wonky metadata.  (no I haven't started that many just obsessively collect them and then spend more time playing with the metadata than reading them)
Several hundred podcasts loaded on netbook
Over a dozen audio books loaded on netbook
Several dozen aborted blog posts in efiles
Over a dozen applications I hope to become more proficient at loaded on netbook with tutorials
Several dozen research projects--some just because, some related to other projects
Over half a dozen boxes of papers and misc still needing sorted from last move and now another is upon us.
Several dozen neglected blogging and social networking tasks (my sidebars haven't relflected my current interests and endevors for two or three years and my reciprocal visiting is way behind and and and and...)
Several dozen ARCs in process somewhere between reading first page and posting review.
The latest project of selfpublishing ebooks entailing the mastering of formatting for the various platforms and the self-promotion

I could go on and on.

The point is that I'm trying to face the fact that there is too much and something has to give.  Especially now that I've put my health and my marriage on project status and given them priority over everything else.

I know I must let some of it go.  Probably most of it.  But as anxious as the weight of the projects makes me, the thought of letting go of any one item on the list is also nerve wracking.  How do I choose?

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