Thursday, March 07, 2013

A Fine Basket of Thread

Nearly My Entire Collection of Fine Crochet Thread
Cebelia, LizBeth Cordonet, Pearl. etc.
My collection of fine crochet thread--size 20 and smaller--is growing.  I think the only ones missing in this picture is the sizes 30, 50 and 100 whites.  The 30 because it is a four times the size of any of these and would ruin the balance in the picture and the other two because I didn't think of them while I was hunting out the others.

At least 12 of these were bought in the last year and never used yet because I would not allow myself to start anything new until I got far enough ahead on the Secret Santa project there was no risk of not finishing in time--which never happened--and after Christmas it was because that project didn't get done in time and still isn't done.

And then I made the New Year Resolve to finish more things than I start on all fronts--reading, writing, crafts.

The Quilter's Tote Secret Santa Project is getting very close with finishing the Mobius strip and then joining the two panels to it the only thing left to do.  Problem is the Mobius strip is getting big enough now at four inches wide to be too bulky to be portable and I need portable for all the doctor and social service visits.  So after finishing three smaller projects in February I gave myself permission to start new bookmarks.

I was going to get a pic of the Mobius strip tonight as well but the batteries gave out after one picture and I decided to wait on that.

That black and white bookmark hanging over the edge has actually been on the hook for over 2 years!!! Tying up my only two Cebelia.  The purple one with the variegated edge I made this week and is ready to be cut loose.  That's done in the LizBeth Cordonet Egyptian Cotton. With two of the new ones never used before this week.

One of my new rules to go with the Resolve is to not start a new bookmark before finishing one and that means cutting off the hook and tucking tails.  This is to prevent them going into the bag of over 100 'finished' bookmarks awaiting their tail tucking and blocking and wardrobe detailing with buttons, ribbons, bows, beads and braids.

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