Thursday, February 28, 2013

Finished. Finished. Finished.

Snood with 'hair' down and pulled over forehead.
In the last week, besides finishing the front panel on the crafter's tote (that past due Secret Santa  Project) I have finished three projects out of my huge list of fiber art WIP.  They were all intended for my niece.  The snood in the first two photos was begun as a book bag for her graduation last June but I could not get the mesh around the motif to lay flat so I switched plans.

Snood with 'hair' inside and 'bangs' showing
I used my own black scarf to act as hair on my mom's styrofoam hat stand for modeling the snood.
Black Rose and a Black Headband with Lime Green Ribbon Woven Through 
The black rose measuring over two inches across and the headband were originally part of her 2011 Xmas when I was her Secret Santa.  They were two of over half a dozen small to medium projects I'd started for her that fall and she got several bookmarks, a large black bow barrette and a candle doily but these two got pushed off for her birthday the following month but were still not finished.

My New Year Resolve was to prioritize finishing WIP of all kinds from fiber art, to writing, to reading, to blogging, to sorting stuff, to what have you.  The rule of thumb was to finish more things than I start and so I'm trying to finish at least 2 for 1 and the things finished have to be of a similar size as the thing I want to start.  Which is why I've not allowed myself to start the two baby afghans for the grand niece and nephew arriving in June until I finish the past due Secret Santa Crafter's Tote.

With the two panels complete on that project I'm left with the Mobius strip that will form the bottom, sides and strap.  It is now about 3 inches wide and needs to be 12.  I don't trust my estimating skills as that's is what got me in this fix in the first place but I'm sure there is no less than 50 and possibly 80 hours of work left on it.

It's going to get monotonous working 2 chain + single crochet mesh for that many hours all crammed into a month or so.  But now that I have three finishes to my credit I think I can allow myself to some smallish projects--bookmarks or flowers.  I'm itching to break out the dozen or so size 20 Lizbeth Egyptian Cotton that I ordered along with the tread orders for the crafter's tote last summer, fall and just after Christmas.

I will also target a couple more small to medium WIP to finish in the next week or two.

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