Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Serenity #324

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday trying to crochet a black mesh around a lime green motif that has the shape of a snowflake.  The plan had been to make a twelve to fifteen inch square with the motif centered on it.  Then duplicate it.  Then crochet a two inch wide ribbon to serve as bottom, sides, and shoulder strap.  A nice shopping tote or book bag.

But after five or six attempts to get it started, going around the motif two to five times each try, I could not get the thing to lay flat.  It kept wanting to curl into a bowl shape.  Finally, this evening, I decided to give into its obvious need to be a bowl.

You want to be a bowl?  Fine you can be a bowl.  But what use is a bowl full of holes?

How about a hat?

So I Googled crochet hats and looked at images for a couple hours and settled on the concept of a slouchy hat or a snood.

I've still quite a ways to go.  At the moment  it is the size of a child's beanie hat.  But it is growing fast.

After filling in the areas between the points with a variety of two, three, and four chain loops combined with single crochet and picots until I had an edge that looked even, I started working a three chain plus double crochet mesh.

I'm still making it up as I go.

And no the Secret Santa Quilter's tote is not finished.  There is a couple of 44 inch rows left to do on the front panel and then 80 odd hours of work on the Mobius strip for the bottom/sides/strip.  But I have only enough of the Twig thread here at Mom's with me for twelve or so hours of work.  My order made just after Christmas was delivered at home while I was gone.  As explained in last Tuesday's post, I was supposed to be home that night but my stay here will now be indefinite.

But we have made plans to take me down to pick up my ARCs, thread order, important papers, reference books and spring wardrobe among other things.  We are leaving Thursday morning and returning Friday.

I decided to set aside the Quilter's Tote to finish some or all of the gifts I'd started for my niece's birthday and graduation last year and her birthday this year so I can take them to her.  Tho I may not get to see her in person i can leave them with her Grandma.

There is a black rose, a black headband with a lime green ribbon threaded through it and a lime green belt attached to a vintage brass buckle.  The rose and headband need only finishing touches.  The belt hasn't been started yet but should go pretty fast in a simple two chain and single crochet mesh.

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