Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Titanic Breathtaker

I just saw Titanic for the first time. I had it available for several days but waiting until this evening because it was dirt track races for the rest of the family which gave me access to the big flat screen TV in the living room. I started the movie just before 8:30. I was waiting for after dark because I love waiting for dusk because I love watching movies in the dark. Especially those with spectacular scenery like I knew Titanic to be.

I expected to be home alone until after 11pm but tonight they got home just after 10 and I had to put the movie on pause. It was the scene where Jack is sketching Rose who is wearing the blue diamond heart. Only the blue diamond heart.

I didn't get to restart it again until almost eleven-thirty and then I had to keep the volume down and sit closer in order to hear but that meant I had to scan the screen constantly. It might have made more sense to watch the rest on my netbook. But it was still breathtaking. I was disappointed there were no extra features on the disc as I would have especially liked to watch a Making Of type feature. Or even watch the movie over with commentary from director, writer, actors etc. And in the this case, set designers and costume designers.

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