Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Library Loot: September 15 – 21

Library Loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Claire from The Captive Reader and Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library. If you’d like to participate, just write up your post-feel free to steal the button-and link it using the Mr. Linky any time during the week. And of course check out what other participants are getting from their libraries!

Claire has Mr Linky this week.

I went into the stacks to find Garden Spells after discovering The Girl Who Chased the Moon on the New Books shelf and upon reading inside the cover finding something reminiscent of Alice Hoffman in the story's description. Sarah Addison Allen is a new author for me and I'm eager to find out if my instinct was correct that I'd found another treasure.

The Lacuna and Resurrecting Eve are both re-checkouts for me. The Lacuna because my first turn after a long wait in queue this past winter and spring came in early July just before I left town for seven weeks.

I've had Resurrecting Eve checked out numerous times in the last several years. I've essentially read it but continue to need it as a reference for the ongoing research into its theme that I've been carrying on for nearly two decades now. I should probably get my own copy as I did for Sue Monk Kidd's The Dance of the Dissident Daughter.

I pulled Roses off the New Books shelf having recognized it's cover from a review online that had intrigued me enough to check the library catalog only to find it not there at that time.

The Russian Dreambook of Color and Flight, I ordered from the library catalog after seeing Claire's mention of it in last week's Library Loot.

The Woman Who Lives in the Earth will be a reread for me. It is short and fable-like. I sent for it after seeing a review online last week and finding myself comparing my memories of it with my memories of the recent reads of Alice Hoffman's Green Witch and Green Angel.

Besides these books there was also one movie, The Informant, and Dr Who series 4 on DVD.

Now I'm off to finish the last 30-40 pages of Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow, a book off my own shelves, so I can move on to its sequel, Innocent, which is due next Tuesday and after that The Lacuna which is due on Monday two weeks after that. The former is over 600 pages and the latter over 700 but at least they are both large print. I was in long queues for both and as I mentioned before, twice for The Lacuna.

Here's hoping I don't have as much difficulty with either of them as I've had with Presumed Innocent the last two weeks. Eyestrain, or more precisely, burning eyes, plagued me ever since I cleaned the room last week. I think I may have discovered the cause in the fan in our room. The air currents hit the edge of my glasses just right to funnel them in behind the lenses and thus dry out my eyes. I did not have nearly as much problem yesterday afternoon when I sat out in the yard. I read for long periods and made better progress which encouraged me. But then last evening once back in our room, it was as bad as ever. It wasn't until this afternoon that I realized the role the fan might be playing. I'm still trying to figure out how to address the problem. Space is tight in the room and options are limited to tweaking the position of the fan a few inches this way or that.

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