Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sunday Serenity #194

I took this from the bridge crossing the bay on the beach trip with my Mom, sisters and niece the Wednesday before my return home to the Rogue Valley last Sunday. We were on our way to a beach called Sunset Beach on the Oregon side of the Columbia River having just visited Long Beach on the Washington side and finding it too foggy, windy and cold to spend more than minutes outside the car.

I am cheering myself up today with memories of that day. That was about 11 days ago and from the day after I have been either packing or unpacking. This weekend I've unpacked our closet, a cupboard, and several shelves and drawers in our room so that I can finish unpacking from my trip.

The finish line is almost in sight. Maybe by tomorrow evening...

And then I can read, crochet or watch movies.

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