Thursday, September 09, 2010

Reading Scott Turow

It's been over a week since I checked out Turow's latest, Innocent, after waiting months for my turn. Which means I have less than two weeks left with it but before I can even start it I need to finish Presumed Innocent, which I started a week ago but didn't get far before the room spring clean commenced. Then the last couple days have been about getting season two of The Sopranos watched because it was overdue at the library as of Tuesday.

Finally finished the last episode this afternoon and then after dinner picked up Presumed Innocent and tried to start where I left off. Not only was I confused for having forgot who some of the characters were and their relevance but I found my mental visualization of the story conflating with that of The Sopranos, with faces of The Sopranos characters superimposing over Turow's characters and plot lines from The Sopranos tangling up with those of Presumed Innocent.

Not just confusing but soporific apparently as I fell asleep for two hours and had bizarre dreams which I can't remember anything of but the sense of astonishment, confusion and revulsion.

I think maybe I ODd on The Sopranos.

Yet I'm already yearning for my turn with season three.

Well, I'm off to give Presumed Innocent another try. May have to at least review the first 60 pages some before continuing on. Hope I don't have to actually reread every page.

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