Monday, September 06, 2010

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? #15

In the last two weeks of my stay in Longview, I promised myself a fiction binge when I got home. Last Monday night I made a good start on keeping that promise. I began and finished Alice Hoffman's novella, Green Angel and started it's sequel Green Witch. The first was a reread.

Tuesday morning I finished Green Witch just before we left for the library where I picked up seven novels and six DVD. I began Lori Lansens' The Wife's Tale on the ride home and finished it late Wednesday evening. Now that was a full length novel running over 400 pages in the large print edition I got. That is the first time I've read a novel that size in what was essentially one day in a very long time.

One of the novels I checked out last Tuesday was Scott Turow's Innocent which is the sequel to Presumed Innocent which I've never got around to reading. We own a copy of it and since Innocent, like The Wife's Tale, has a long queue at the library I picked up Presumed Innocent Wednesday night. But I've not made 50 pages in it yet as Thursday morning my late summer 'spring' clean of our room commenced as my in-laws left town until Tuesday.

The work in the room is about to wrap up tonight. I'll be watching movies on the big flat screen in the living room for as long as I can through Tuesday afternoon/evening but starting Wednesday I plan to do whatever fun, relaxing thing I feel like for at least 48 hours. And I feel like reading!

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