Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Swinging on a Time Shift

Wut u spec me 2 do wen mai nomz late twiddle mai thumz?

Ed went on swing shift unexpectedly this week and everything is a bit topsy-turvy. Like having dinner after 10pm. Like saying good-bye around the time he's usually getting home and saying hello around the time he's usually going to sleep. Like having him gone when its full dark outside. It's supposed to be temporary. Filling in for someone who got hurt on his day off. But he's contemplating asking to be switched to that shift for the harvest/holiday season as it pays a bit extra. Enough extra we might be able to swing our own place after the new year.

There is a bright side. The fact they are putting on a second shift means the season of plenty is upon us. And a bit early at that. He ought to be at full time soon and soon after that at overtime.

Also we are having our dinner together just the two of us after he gets home. After his folks have gone to bed so it is almost like being home alone. And tonight he even cooked for me--steelhead fillet with salad. See for him cooking is recreation and he doesn't get to do as much as he likes. If he does switch to swing then once he hits overtime I'd probably get to cook for him and I almost never get to do that.

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