Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Serenity #195

Taken Friday during our walk down by the creek to inspect the damage from July's fire.

The weather is perfect here this week. Balmy, breezy, warm but not hot. Blue sky. It would have been a good day for another walk down by the creek but we only walked up to the gas station for cold drinks.

We thought that would be the easier walk for me since I still have to wear slippers and not shoes because of the stubbed toe and the slice across the back of my heal on my left foot.

We took Bruiser with us and pretty much regretted it. He's not ready to be taken out in public among a lot of people and unpredictably moving vehicles. Ed left him with me when he went into the store. I could barely keep hold of the leash. That dog is an ox!

Except oxen can at least walk straight lines. Bruiser seems genetically incapable of that. He does a zig-zag in front of whoever is holding the leash. I calculate he walks three times as far as us because of his zigging to the left and zagging to the right and walking loops around our ankles.

Most of our walk today was next to or in the midst of traffic. Not relaxing much. I think the walk down by the creek would have been easier. Even in slippers.

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