Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Catch-Up Read-a-Thon

This week long read-a-thon has been going on since Monday and I have been debating whether to jump in ever since I learned about it. My reading plans for the week didn't really seem to fit in until now. I'm hanging onto an overdue library book that simply must be returned Monday morning. It is a 639 page large print book and I am on page 365 as of Friday evening.

The book is Innocent by Scott Turow and because I'm well into a week longer than I intended I am now a week late getting started on Barbara Kingsolver's Lacuna which leaves me one week to read it's 762 large print pages.

This is the second time I've had Lacuna checked out this year and both times I was in a month's long queue. My turn came last time in early summer as I was preparing to leave town for two months. I did read a few pages. Enough to know I could not rush it like I would have had to that week.

My goal is to finish Innocent by Saturday night and then advance 200 pages in Lacuna by 8pm Sunday when the read-a-thon closes.

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