Friday, September 17, 2010

Pie in the Sky Dished Up

I love watching those talk shows and reality TV shows in which people's wildest dreams are made real for them. Like Extreme Home Makeovers and of course Oprah who seems to have made an art form of it.

Why do I love it so? Because watching it happen for other's not only gives me the warm, fuzzy feeling of seeing their joy but it somehow makes the possibility of it happening for me more palpable. Like all I need to do is reach up and cut a slice off that pie in the sky that at other times seems so out of reach.

This week was the opening of the final season of The Oprah Show and there had been teasers for weeks about the dreams coming true for unsuspecting people. I was sooo looking forward to it.

Then on Sunday our satellite box gave up the ghost and its going to be sometime next week before a replacement reaches us. So I missed the entire week of Oprah shows. I so do not understand why The Oprah shows can't be made available in other formats online whether on, the websites of the local affiliates that air the shows or an iTunes download. It seems like it could only be a win-win for everybody involved. But that's off topic.

Today's Oprah was especially important to me as besides several ultimate dreams coming true Oprah was to announce the new Oprah Book Club selection. But even that wasn't the best or most important thing about that show. The best thing was that I have a connection--however small and peripheral it may be--to one of the parties involved in making one of those dreams a reality.

My husband works for the company that partnered with Oprah to take one of the products of a small New England bakeshop to a national and probably even international customer base.

The product is a chicken pie from The Centerville Pie Company of Cape Cod Massachusetts.

The chicken pie is going to be featured in the catalog, the website, the hundreds of stores nationwide and will be the Pie of the Month for Harry & David (Happiness Delivered).

My husband works in shipping so he'll have a direct hand in the delivery of said pies.

Maybe it's silly but there is something thrilling about being that closely connected to the fulfilling of someones dream. The only thing more thrilling would be to have dished up that slice of someone's pie-in-the-sky to them my own self.

Especially to someone as deserving as the two women who started The Centerville Pie Company and then teamed up with a local organization, Cape Abilities, that helps people with disabilities get jobs that match their capabilities.. See their story on

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