Friday, September 03, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

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This first day of the 'spring' cleaning of our room has been frustrating and tiring and ends with the mess looking bigger than before I started. I've suffered some mega gross-outs and minor boo-boos and don't want to relive it by relating it here not to mention its way TMI. Suffice it to say, the shower I got when I quit for the day did not seem adequate. I felt in need of an industrial dishwasher's sanitize cycle.

So I'm meditating on some of my favorite things as i prepare to sleep. The picture above contains a number of them: cuteness, kittens, buckets (containers), blue, string (thread, yarn, whatever).

I crocheted during some of the early rest breaks but then got too dirty to handle the thread. I'd like to finish the variegated blue bookmark before I sleep. Maybe read another chapter in Presumed Innocent. (Books, a fav thing not in picture). Had hoped to watch a second movie after re-watching Julie & Julia with Ed. (Movies, another fav thing not pictured) He fell asleep in the middle of that and I paused it in order to get posted. Thought I might go ahead in finish it and then start another. But now I'm not sure I can last through 2+ hours more myself.

I'm feeling the sleep sneaking up on me too. (sleep and dreams fav things kinda hard to put in pictues) But the bed is stripped to the mattress and the mattress pad and sheets are still in dryer and I don't want to break another sweat wrestling it all back together. Ed is still asleep in his Dad's recliner. The other recliner, the rocker and the couch are all piled high with stuff from our room. The hallway from the edge of the living room to the bathroom door is a series of mounds of laundry.

That bare mattress is looking quite attractive.

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