Thursday, September 02, 2010

Running in Place

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Ever feel like the faster you run the further away the finish line gets? The more you do the more there is still to do? That you're continually repeating the same tasks only to start them again the moment they are finished?

My in-laws are out of town for 5 or 6 days and my husband has at least four of them off work but instead of spending a fun-filled, laid back Labor Day weekend we (mostly me) have to use the time to spring clean and reorganize our room.

It feels like this task is always the top priority every time we get a day or two home alone. It feels like I spend more time moving things around in that room than I do actually using the things I'm constantly shifting from here to there.

And its mostly my own fault. I"m the one who's brought in bundles of books. I'm the one who's carried in bushels of yarn and thread, buttons and beads, ribbon and rick rack and the sewing and crafting tools. I'm the one who collects candy and gum wrappers, clothing logo tags and cardboard scraps for bookmarks even though I've crocheted nearly 200 bookmarks in the last year.

I'm the one who hangs on to clothing with dead elastic, runs, tears, rips, stains.. I'm the one who collects various product containers of all makes and models from the size of an envelope to the size of a boot box supposedly for this mythical sorting and organizing project that I'm about to get serious about any moment now but which currently contain only themselves nested from tiny to large and then nested in shelf, drawer, closet space and under the bed.

Well I'm determined that 'any moment now' starts tomorrow. I'm not going to expect to get it done by the time Ed's folks return but I am going to make some major dents.

I gave myself today for kicking back. I used it for reading, finishing The Wife's Tale which I started yesterday afternoon around 8 this evening. That is the first time in a very long time that I've read a novel over 400 pages (large print) in just over one full day.

I've started Scott Turow's Presumed Innocent which I've never read and now must before I pick up the sequel, Innocent, which I checked out yesterday after waiting in queue for three months. I'd planned to have the first one read before our turn came for the second one but I didn't think to take it with me on my 7 week visit to Longview and probably wouldn't have got to it if I had. So, I'm actually going to read a book off my own shelf even though I've got over half a dozen checked out of the library.

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