Monday, October 19, 2009

Slowly, Maybe Not So Surely...

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I have a bunch and I mean a huge bunch of library books coming due this week and I have an equally big bunch of requests being held for me at the library but my card is tapped out so I must return books before I can check them out. I have until Thursday afternoon as our Phoenix branch is open only Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I need to finish several books and for some of them and several already finished I need to do their reviews and/or transcribe notes and quotes marked by post-its. Most of the books waiting I sent for for this Saturday's read-a-thon and/or my NaNo project which starts the following weekend.

Besides all that and posting daily, I am also preparing an extra post for Saturday for the mini-challenge I'm hosting for Dewey's Read-a-Thon. And I still need to put the finishing touches on the selection of crocheted bookmarks from which the prize(s) will be chosen so I can get a picture of them to post not to mention decide finally how many prizes I can afford to mail which means researching how much it will cost to mail both inside the states and internationally. Something I should have done well before now.

Also, the last of the winners of Saturday's two drawings has just responded so I need to deliver their addressed to Hachette which should have been my first task of this session but will be the next.

And then there is my NaNo prepping which has been neglected for over a week now. Except for the reading/research aspects anyway. That's probably not going to get better before Monday after I've had a chance to recover from the read-a-thon so it will just weigh on me. I swear I feel like I'm in the midst of finals week. But I have no taskmaster but myself to blame.

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