Wednesday, October 21, 2009


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I have nothing new to add to what I posted last night and no other topic appeals--or should I say distracts me from it. I was working on a book review for yesterday's post when my sister contacted with the news. I thought to return to it but I'm feeling especially unmotivated.

Then there is the fact that I need to cut this night's session short so I can get up early tomorrow (early being before noon) so I can walk the 3/4 mile to the library to pick up the books waiting for me else I won't have the ones I ordered especially for the Read-a-Thon on Saturday. In order to check those books out I need to make room on my card for them which means getting at least rough drafts of several book reviews put together for books I finished and some notes taken on a few others and finishing a couple more. So I will be spending this session reading and writing off the cuff thoughts about what I've been reading recently without worrying about polishing that writing for a post.

And of course pausing to pray every now and again. (Click or scroll down and pray with me)

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