Monday, October 12, 2009

NaNoWriMo 2009: Ready, Set...

Twenty days to GO.

Actually, as I write this it is nineteen and one-twelfth days. But I've been thinking 'twenty days' all day.

50K words of fiction in 30 days. I'm champing at the bit. Ever since I decided to do something in my FOS storyworld instead of start from scratch with a new one I stopped stressing. There is plenty of room among the cast of more than a dozen major characters and on the timeline of some 120 years for me to find a fresh story to focus on.

I finally headed over to the NaNoWriMo site to make my participation for this year official but my profile page already shows me as an official participant. I don't remember doing anything specific to make it so but I might have. Or maybe they are assuming it because I've participated every year since 2004.

At any rate, I picked up my web badge while I was there. I'll get around to sticking the small version on my side bar soon I hope. Or maybe I'll wait until I get my new prescription glasses before I mess with the side bar code. I'm still limiting use of the laptop for close reading as the contortions I have to put my neck through to see through the bifocal lenses cause significant discomfort and the right lens isn't ideal anyway since it was made for a near-sighted, asitgmatic, eye with a cataract just encroaching upon the center visual field. Now, post-op, I'm no longer near-sighted and the cataract is gone. Only a mild astigmatism remains. But my ideal range is 4-6 feet. But not for regular size fonts. Only headlines and such.

I can work with very large fonts--14 to 20 depending on the font--and will do so for NaNo if my new glasses haven't arrived yet. But I'm still holding out hope. I go in for my third post-op exam tomorrow afternoon. The doctor will decide then if the eye has settled down enough to warrant prescribing the new lens. No sense in doing so too soon as my vision could continue to change and my insurance won't cover a second prescription inside a year's time. So this patient must be patient.

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