Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Wimped

somedays..zenacat wonderz why she even got out of bed
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I didn't make it to the library as planned so I'll have to do without some of the books I'd hoped to have here for the Read-a-Thon Saturday. Oh well, its not like I've got a shortage of books in this room. But I'm a little perturbed with myself nevertheless. I was looking forward to the outing, even to the walk as long as it wasn't raining.

At least I was looking forward to it every night between 6 and 6am. Whereas every afternoon I was 'looking forward' to it in the way that cat above is looking forward to catching a mouse. I kindna knew I had a problem when each afternoon during the same hours I would need to be getting ready and getting there, I would be thinking desultorily I sure hope I'm not feeling like this Thursday afternoon.

Yeah. Hope all you want.

I'm blaming it on the BP med and I'm thinking of switching back to taking it at bedtime. My bedtime. Which is dawnish. Like I was when I was first put on it. My doctor suggested I switch to taking it upon waking after I told him that several times I'd taken it when I thought I was about to lay down but then kept working another several hours without noticing any drag on my energy or mental acuity.

Well, when apparently matters a great deal. And I think I can guess why.

I am a terrible transitioner. Especially between states of consciousness. It's hard for me to turn my brain on when I wake up from a sleep longer than three hours and just as hard for me to dial it back to sleep mode once I've been awake longer than eight hours. That by itself could explain why the med didn't make me sleepy when I took it towards the end of my night work session and why it does make me lethargic when I take it immediately upon waking. But add in the stimulants (Caffeine, vitamin B complex, Focus Smart and various food supplements) that I've loaded up on by midnight each day and the energy boost from the mini-sessions on the mini-tramp...

Maybe if I did a mini-tramp session immediately upon waking and then take the BP med? *shudders* ugh! That would mean getting (sleepwalking) from the bedroom to the front porch (through the living room where my in-laws are watching TV and/or visiting with guests) and getting the tramp out from behind the plastic chairs and tightening the legs and setting it down and most likely putting on a show for the neighborhood and my FIL whose smoking chair faces the spot. And that's only if the weather isn't nasty Which is why lately I do most of my work on the tramp after 9pm, after Ed's folks go to bed and he brings the tramp inside for me.

Maybe if I waited until after dinner to take the BP med. Which should give me 4-6 hours to transition (tho 8 might be better) and get my blood flowing (not to mention the caffeine etc) and most important get engaged in a task. That has possibilities but so does going back to taking it as I'm preparing to lay down.

Oh, I just remembered why I wanted to stop doing that. Because I have to take it with food but I'm trying to follow Dr. Oz and Bob Green's weight loss advice to stop eating at least two hours before laying down. OK. So maybe taking it with my lunch around midnight would work.

Well, I guess I will have to experiment.

Meanwhile, I've got to figure out how to manage my med schedule during the Read-a-Thon Saturday which is starting just as I'm typically preparing to lay down. Last April I ended up not sleeping at all the night before and by the end had been awake for over 30 hours. I somehow doubt I can get away with that this time with this BP med in the equation.

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