Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Forays in Fiction: Thinking

Gots mai thinkin cap on  but is givin meh fitz
moar funny pictures

Still doing a whole lot of thinking and dreaming in my FOS story world this week. But had to do most of it without trying to read my laptop screen as the crick in my neck I gave myself last week returns almost immediately upon tilting my head up to look down through the bifocal lens. So I've resorted to jottings on paper a few times but mostly I'm just thinking and day-dreaming. Also reading books and watching DVD and 'strolling' on my mini-tramp and fiddling with my crocheted and embroidered bookmarks. All while obsessively thinking about my story world. Only two weeks until NaNo and I so want to have certain issues figured out by then. Meanwhile my characters and their lives are more vivid to me than my own. I'm feeling like an alien in my own life. Which is more typical of week three of NaNo so I'm hoping that means I'll be hitting the ground running on day one.

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