Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ballykissangel: I'm Falling in Love

Every once in awhile--and those whiles are fewer and father between than they once were--I discover a new story that draws me with a force much like that of falling in love. The last time that happened to me it was when my niece introduced me to Gilmore Girls in the spring of 2007. This time I stumbled upon the BBC drama Ballykissangel on DVD in our library catalog. Have watched 8 episodes now and am head over heals with it.

I love if for all the same reasons I love Gilmore Girls--a plethora of eccentric characters, a tight-knit quirky community, stories that startle and satisfy with plots rooted in characters and the stakes at risk always someone's integrity.

Oh, and a love story that's as star-crossed as Romeo and Juliet. More so since there's even less of a chance for a Catholic priest and an Irish pub owner with a chip on her shoulder regarding the church than for two teens from feuding families. I cannot begin to imagine how they are going to work that thread out while keeping the integrity o both characters intact but there is definitely that kind of tension between Peter and Asumpta.

It is also rare for me to want to watch episodes or read stories more than once let alone repeatedly like I've done with Gilmore Girls but Ballykissangel is one of those in which repeated viewings will reward nearly as much as the first. I'm sure of this even though I've yet to watch any episodes a second time. But oh I do plan to. If only to watch as a storyteller to dissect what this story's maker was about.

Behind the Scenes Part One
Behind the Scenes Part Two
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Behind the Scenes Part Four

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