Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where I Grew Up

Once again, I'm leaning on the pictures I've recently scanned for a quickie post. I'm too time pressed or lazy to crop these. I'm just posting the whole 'scan bed' for each of them. The top one features the house they brought me home from the hospital to. But I only lived there about six weeks before...
...we moved about half a mile to this house.

Between the ages of six and nine they built an addition of two bedrooms and a half bath on the back and a carport to the side and my grandpa built a shed in the back yard. During those same years a mall was built across the street from us (see top right above). The parking lot for the high school I eventually attended abutted our back yard.

As soon as the addition was complete the entire house was given new siding and painted charcoal black with gray trim. That picture in the top right corner above was taken some time after the house was sold. It was never that color when I lived in it.
Shortly before I turned eighteen we move two miles across town to the house pictured on the left above. I lived there until just after I turned 21 whereupon...
That is the house I spent the last six months in helping to care for my Mom as she recovered from a broken hip and minor stroke and from which I'm leaving on Sunday to return to Phoenix OR and Ed and Merlin and the house we share with Ed's parents and Sweetie.

Three more days.

Meanwhile I'm continuing to scan fifty to a hundred scanner beds worth of pictures every day since last Thursday. If I hadn't slacked off on this project for the last four months I wouldn't have to push so hard this week. Sigh.

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