Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Crocheted Bookmarks--The First 13

It took so long to prep these pictures that I no longer have it in me to comment on each one as planned. Maybe I'll return and do so later. They are pictured in the order they were crocheted. The first one was made the last week of April. The next thirteen were all finished by the morning of Mother's Day. I've crocheted four more since and finished one of those but am waiting to post their pictures until I have at least five more finished. Finished means decorating with ribbon, beads etc.

I am planning to make several of these to offer as prizes for Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon in October. I am also thinking of having a contest to give one away sometime this summer after I get back home. Is anyone interested in that?

None of these would be in the Read-a-Thon or a giveaway here as they all have designated homes already.

Above, I braided orange and green embroidery floss to use instead of ribbon. This was for a niece whose fav color was orange and I had no orange thread or ribbon yet. I do now though. I've added several spools of thread and another half dozen spools of ribbon to my collection in the last two weeks.

Below are pictured the two white and red ones side by side to show more clearly how they differ. The left one was made with 10 thread and a satin ribbon. The right one was made with 30 thread and an organza ribbon. Those numbers refer to weight I think but practically it means thickness of thread. The bigger the number the thinner the thread.

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