Sunday, June 21, 2009


My sister and I left Longview WA at 9:30 this morning and after stopping at Costco in Vancouver we headed on south to meet up with my husband at Rice Hill OR about 4PM where we transferred my stuff. Ed and I pulled into Phoenix OR about six-thirty. Having not slept one wink last night and only three the night before, I decided I was too wiped to unload the car tonight and try to undo the thing I just spent three days doing and try to do it in under three hours. Yeah right. So we left all but the essentials in the car. I'm crashing tonight along with Ed who has to get up at six for work and I'll be getting up with him to help unload the car and then spend the day unpacking and putting away, getting reacquainted with our cat Merlin and exploring the upteen boxes and padded envelopes containing review copies of books that came for me while I was gone. It's going to be like Christmas in June. I took a zillion pics today but i can't be bothered to get them off the camera...Ha! I can't be bothered to make paragraph breaks.


(I added the pictures when I got them off the camera Tuesday night)

Saying Goodbye:

I said goodbye to my Mom Saturday afternoon as she left to spend the weekend with my brother's family.

I said goodbye to Bradley, my nephew's cat, and my nephew at nine-fifteen this morning.

I said goodbye to my sister at 5PM after we'd finished transfering my stuff from Mom's van to Ed's Dad's car.

Saying Hello:

I said hello to Ed about 4:30PM when we met up with him in Rice Hill OR.

I said hello to the Phoenix OR exit just before six. And minutes later...

...the house.

And as soon as I could get to our room I said hello to Merlin. This pic was taken Monday afternoon though as the ones I took while we said our hellos didn't turn out. He wouldn't look up at the camera being too busy sniffing and head-butting and kneading my hand, arm and leg.

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