Monday, June 29, 2009


Pictured are some of the crocheted bookmarks that came off the hook in the last month but which still need to have the finishing touches applied--their tails tucked and ribbons and/or beads attached. This picture was taken several weeks ago while I was stil at Mom's and several of those pictured have been finished and then given away already and a few more, not pictured were made and finished and given away and yet several more have come off the hook and are awaiting their ribbons/beads. The last time I counted there were fourteen off the hook and two still on.

One evening last week, Wednesday I think, I got out the ribbons and beads with the intent to make selections for awaiting bookmarks only to find a mess in my ribbon box. I'd forgotten that the weekend before I'd left Lonview my nephew's cat, Bradley, had knocked my craft tray off its perch on my Mom's bed as he made his way to his favorite perch in the window. Though the lid had been on the box and kept the ribbons from falling out, there had been enough room inside the box for the spools to shift and allow the ribbon ends to tangle with each other and get trapped under the spools. So Wednesday evening I spent over an hour reorganizing the ribbon box.

Then yesterday, Sunday, as part of my laid back agenda, I got out the ribbons and beads again. This time indoors on the bed. After laying all fourteen bookmarks in two rows on a tray in my lap, I began to select potential beads for each of them. Sometimes laying the bead on top of its intended and sometimes in the corner of the tray. I had a couple dozen beads or more on the tray when our cat, Merlin, decided he needed to get to the window which was behind me and the most direct route was over my right shoulder.

In one fluid motion he marched onto the tray and launched himself off it only for it to act like a teeter-totter as the corner resting on my knee broke and the other corner--the one full of beads--shot ceilingward. He fell back towards the tray knocking my glasses off my face and over my left shoulder to be lost among the pile of pillows. I didn't learn where they ended up for several minutes tho and until I found them I was afraid to move much; visions of planting hand, knee or buttocks on them and hearing the crunch that would auger a weeks long moratorium on close work--from reading to sewing and crochet.

By the time I'd found my glasses and gathered up the scattered bookmarks and beads, I'd been called to dinner and after dinner Ed was setting up my new printer. So instead of picking out wardrobes for the waiting bookmarks, I started another one.

Can you hear the Twilight Zone music playing? On two separate weekends two weeks apart, two different cats in two different towns on two different beds found my beads and ribbons an obstacle on their paths to window perches and turned the order I'd imposed on them into chaos.

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