Monday, June 22, 2009


Sorry. Got nothing left. Had ambitious plans for this post but... All the pictures I took in the last four days while packing, traveling and unpacking are still on the camera. I just have no energy left and I'm sore and hot. I spent the last six months in a house with a heat pump that kept the temp inside between 62 and 76 day and night. I don't know how warm it got here today, I was afraid to look. But not only is this trailer house not equipped with a heat pump, my MIL won't use the cooler until the temps top ninety and I could not afford to allow myself to be enervated by it. I had to keep moving all day from 5:30 this morning until 5 this evening. Ed and I unloaded my stuff from the car onto the front porch before he left for work. Then I spent the next six hours cleaning and organizing our room and doing laundry including the bedding from quilt to mattress pad. Only then did I start to bring my stuff in. I was already exhausted by then and the heat was just starting to zap me so I gave up on my ambition to unpack the bags and boxes I brought back with me. Instead I made spots for them the best I could. All except for the dozen large Ziplock bags that hold clothes, coats, yarn and other cloth items. I did a couple of those but the rest I left on the porch for the night. I promised myself as I got my shower just before dinner that I wouldn't get all sweaty and dirty again tonight.

One of the pictures I took today was of the stack of boxes and shipping envelopes containing the review copies of books and those I won in the Read-a-thon in April that came for me while I was gone. There were eleven total. Thank you Hachette and Goodreads authors. It's like having a second birthday or Christmas.

I would not let myself open them last night nor all day today. I was holding them out to myself as a reward for getting this massive chore done. I meant for that to include the unpacking to. But after dinner tonight I decided I had earned the right to take a look and besides, I needed to get rid of the extra volume of the packaging materials. Ed and I took the whole stack out onto the porch where it was soooo much cooler than in our room. There turned out to be twenty books. I took another picture of the stack of books. I intended for that pic to head this post but I just can't face messing with the camera and software for getting them prepped for posting. (Edited to add pics.)

I can't believe it but it isn't yet dark outside and I have that huge stack of books to explore but I'd rather sleep...

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Jamie 6/23/2009 1:58 AM  

Sounds like you did a lot, so you deserve to browse through your new treasures... Enjoy them...

Candy Minx 6/23/2009 1:37 PM  

Hi Darling!

It sounds like you need to haul your entire bed out to the porch where it's cooler!!!

I feel for you. And I hope you got lots of awesome books. Congrats!

Thinking of you,

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