Thursday, June 18, 2009

What I Learned Today

That my Dad's mother was a teacher in Nebraska between 1916 and 1919. I don't remember ever knowing that before. Which means that both my Grandmothers, my maternal Grandfather and one of his sisters and my own mother were all teachers.
I also learned that the woman I remember as painfully camera shy was no such thing once upon a time. Yet one more thing she and I have in common. Below, the top left picture shows her posing in Grandpa's WWI uniform. I've no idea whether that was before or after their 1920 marriage.
In the bottom picture, while her cousin or sister or friend stands stiff at the left Jeannette Hoppe mugs for the camera between the tree branches like a magazine ad model.

I learned many more things from the pictures and documents I scanned today but I've too little time to share any more. In forty hours I'm supposed to have all but the overnight necessities packed and in the van. I will have said my good-byes to my Mom Saturday afternoon when she leaves for my brother's where she'll stay until my sister picks her up on her way back north. My sister and I are to leave this house no later than 9AM Sunday. We need to stop at Costgo in Portland and hit the freeway south no later than noon.

We're meeting my husband in Rice Hill OR 3ish to transfer my stuff into his Dad's car. It will proably fill the back seat and the trunk. Let's hope no more or I'll be riding on top. Then he and I have a 2.5 hr drive to Phoenix OR where we must unload the car and then I must get it all put away in our room before he has to have the lights out at 9pm as his work day starts early Monday. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

I've still got one largish box of pics to scan before I leave--the one with Mom's childhood and her side of the family. Today's was all from my Dad's life before Mom and his side of the family.

Between now and Monday or Tuesday I'll probably be doing most of my 'talking' her with pictures. There will be no time to get chatty again before then.

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