Monday, June 08, 2009

Is it Gluttony, ADD or Simply Creative Inspiration?

Here's the mini crafter's tote now packed with tools and projects. Note that the mini iron I got a couple weeks ago to use with my Omnigrid fits in one of the pockets and its cord fits in the other.

The decorative box I bought yesterday with no clear purpose other than I have a thing for them and always find uses is now in service as my ribbon spool storage. I put two rows on their edges on the bottom, pulled the ends of the ribbon up and over the edge and tucked them under the elastic band I made. Then put cardboard between the two rows to keep them from in place. I may eventually put smaller pieces of cardboard between each spool to keep the ribbons from crossing over or under their neighbors. Next I put a piece of cardboard over the top of the two rows and stacked more spools on it.

There are twelve spools on one row in the bottom and eleven on the other. With those stacked on top there are over 30 now.

And now I'm wishing I'd gotten the second identical box. They were 99 cents at this store in Longview called S & S Liquidators.

Today my focus was primarily on preparing my sewing and craft stuff for the trip home in two weeks, incorporating the things I added to the mix in yesterday's shopping spree. Have also started packing my winter clothes and anything else I'm sure I won't be using again while here.

I also worked a bit on the family picture scanning which is where I'm soon going to be putting the same focus as I've been putting on my sewing and craft supplies the last few days and a similar focus as I put on the sweet pea sweater embroidery project last week and the week before. I relaxed on the sweater Friday after deciding to take it home with me. I calculated another 50-100 hours of work which would have meant 6-8 hours per day and I doubted my eyes were up to that even if the chaotic schedule here were to suddenly turn predictable.

When taking breaks to rest my back (packing is torture on the lower back!) and think, I picked up the crochet bookmarks again. Remember my posts a few weeks back about my issues with finishing things? When I had a dozen bookmarks crocheted but hadn't yet tucked the loose ends and added the ribbons and beads? Well at least then I was finishing the crocheting of each one before starting another. In the last three days I have started five and finished none.

In my defense, it is because I have been playing with new pattern concepts--making up new patterns out of the three crochet stitches I know and experimenting with them. One of the 'bookmarks' is destined to be a key fob if the concept works. I'm using a heavier thread and larger hook and will be putting something sturdier in place of the ribbon and adding a key ring thingy instead of a bead.

I took a picture of the five sitting side-by-side. I'll try to add it to this post tomorrow.

Twelve more days!

Oh, have I mentioned here yet that Mom has graduated from the walker to the cane for night time now? Big milestone. She is still using the walker when away from home in unfamiliar territory and may do so for some time yet.

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