Tuesday, June 09, 2009

This Bag Lady's Sham Shame

I bought two shams on Sunday's shopping spree that I neither wanted nor needed nor can I imagine using anything with a label saying 'dry clean only' in the room I share with my husband and cat; the room that serves as bedroom, rec room, office and dining room...
But I wanted the clear plastic zippered pouches they were packaged for my sewing and crafts. And for 99 cents each the price was right. I figured I could maybe keep the shams in a large Ziploc until Xmas and give them as gifts. Or save them for the eventual move to our own place. But it has occurred to me in the last couple days as I ponder unpacking at home and putting our room in order again that they would make good storage for the quilt and extra blankets during the summer while serving as coushins to prop us up for reading or watching TV. Hmmm. We shall see. For 99 cents I can maybe afford to ignore the 'dry clean only' label.

At the same store and also for 99 cents, I bought a manicure kit that was missing half its tools. Again because I wanted the bag. It's the perfect size for storing the crocheted bookmarks as they come off the hook. With room for the ribbon and beads and what not selected for the finishing touches. Which makes the decorating stage as portable as the crocheting stage once I've decided what I'm gong to do and selected, counted out, measured and so forth for several fresh off the hook bookmarks.

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