Monday, June 01, 2009

Busy Unmaking Messes

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Yes, the very same ones I've been talking about all week. The sweet pea embroidery and the sorting, organizing and packing of my sewing and craft stuff.

As if that wasn't enough, shortly after I lay down and dozed off this morning, my desk fell over, dumping laptop, mouse, mouse pad and misc on the floor. I had to get up and unmake that mess before I could go back to sleep. Not sure, but is likely my nephews cat may have had a paw in it. It would have only taken a bit of paw pressure to bring it down. As I was getting ready to lay down, I'd had trouble getting the mouse and my glasses to stopp sliding towards the edge. Should have been a clue eh? The main culprit tho was my slipper which one leg of the 'desk' had slid up on causing the fatal tilt.

If its not one thing.....

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