Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Musings Grave and Joyous

Attended a graveside service this morning. It was for one of the teaching Brethren in the church I was raised in. He was also the husband of my mother's best friend from childhood. His wife died last November while my Mom was out of town. I'm not sure at this moment whether that was before or after Mom broke her hip.

The service was held at the same facility my Dad's was held at in 2005. Triggered a lot of emotion.

More emotional chaos was stirred by seeing and visiting with members of our 'church' whom I've not seen in years. I use the quote marks because we were taught not to refer to ourselves as a 'church' but unless one is talking to insiders only it is hard to find a word that works better. I've been estranged from the teachings and doctrine for over fifteen years now. But I've never stopped caring deeply for the people.

They were family. No matter whether there were blood or marriage ties (and often there were) we related to one another like a huge extended family. Until we didn't.

Funny how hearing certain familiar voices speaking certain familiar phrases can put you right back as tho nearly two decades had not passed.

The Brother who 'went home to be with his Lord' was one of my favorite speakers from around Jr High on. His lessons were littered with trivia from history, archaeology etc. But one of his trademarks was his meticulous tracing of a word's origins and all the ways it was used thruout the Bible, the different Greek or Hebrew words translated by the same English word. I realized today that he contributed much to my love of language and words. He may not have planted the seed but he sure did water and fertilize it.

This afternoon my cousin, whom I'd seen at the service that morning, became a grandma. This is the same cousin who took me ribbon shopping for that first crocheted bookmark in late April.

How fittingly symbolic of life: from graveside to cradle side.

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