Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday Serenity #116

Reading aloud to kids was one of my favorite pass times as a kid and still though I haven't done it for quite a while. There haven't been small children in my life for nearly a decade now. Reading aloud to small children is a sure path to peace and joy for me.

This picture must have been taken in the spring or summer of the year I was nine. The toddlers are my sister and my cousin. My sister is wearing a cast on her right wrist. She broke it while straining against the strong grip of Mom's hand as she tried to bend down to pick some nasty thing up off the ground outside a gas station where our car was being worked on. Mom felt terrible once she realized what had happened but that wasn't for hours and hours. Not until after my sister woke from her afternoon nap still fussing and favoring her forearm.

The dress I'm wearing is one Mom made. The clothe was white with black steaks on it and the piping on the cuffs and collar was red. One of Mom's maternity tops, which she also made, was made of the same material and similar pattern. I'm thinking I probably didn't wear that dress too many times after this picture was taken. I'd already been wearing it for well over two years.

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