Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Serenity #120

Sunset over the Columbia River near Woodland WA.

My sister-friend Jamie took this picture from a car window while traveling on I5 just outside of Longview. She is as enamored with sunsets as am I. Nothing is as serenity inducing as watching color suffuse the sky. Especially when a body of water is mirroring it. Seeing this picture reminded me that it has been weeks since I've seen a sunset. There isn't a good view from my Mom's windows. Too many trees and hills nearby. But I'm loving this picture right now. Especially enlarged to fill the screen. With my tunnel vision it almost has the effect of viewing the real thing.

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Jamie 3/29/2009 10:04 PM  

glad you like my photo. I love the sky and water... We'll have to go see the sunset together sometime, before you head home.

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