Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Forays in Fiction: I'm In

After putting together the promo post for it last week, I talked myself into joining. I'm going to adapt several of my own already written stories so most of the story building work is already done. My primary goal is to learn the script formats for big screen, stage and TV so I'll probably adapt one story for each format and if I'm still not at 100 pages total bring in a forth story and apply a format by flip of a coin or flavor of my mood.

But altho it would be nice to have the win, I'm not going to stress on it or even have high expectations of crossing the finish line. I"m still helping out here at my Mom's in Longview WA and am still hoping to be returning home to Pheonix OR before the end of April which means the month will be broken up by the need to pack travel and unpack. And I don't acclimate to change well.

The only reason I was able to commit to this much is by taking the story building aspect out of the equation. When I read in the FAQ that adaptations of ones own work in other formats was allowed I realized that I could make this about learning the ropes of script format. Something that I've been meaning to do for years. Seeing all the how-to and other support available on the site and especially during the month I knew I wouldn't find a better opportunity or motivation to take the plunge.

So I spent the last few days combing through my files of stories and novels in progress trying to select four or five to settle my focus on. Meanwhile I managed to get another task I've been procrastinating on accomplished. I made hard copies of sceens from the last five years of fiction writing--the five NaNo and three Sweating for Sven stories and others and while I was at it all the poetry I've written in the last eight years. I was without since 2001 so have no hard copies for the work I've done since the. Much of the poetry, existed only on my blog as it was composed there. I'm taking advantage of the computer I've got available here at my Mom's. But I'm only printing the stuff that is in fairly good form and that's only 4% of the total output. Most of it is such a mess--a mixture of sceens in proper form with notes and babbling on about my intentions for the scene. I would like to get hard copy of much of that too but I'm not going to spend my Mom's ink and paper on it.

When I get back home I will finally get to introduce my new printer to my laptop. I got it for my birthday in November but chose to wait until I got back from my Mom's before I cleared a spot in our room to set it up. At that time I thought I would be back before Christmas. That was before Mom broke her hip and had the mild stroke following surgery just before Thanksgiving. I left home just after Christmas thinking I would be home for Valentine's Day. I'm still here. Still hoping I'll get to go home before Easter. When is Easter this year? If it's in the first half of April chances are slim I'll be able to leave.

Hmmm. Apparently its April 12 this year. That's right on the cusp of possibility. But it might take a miracle or two to make it happen as we need to be sure I can be spared before I start making plans, getting a ride coordinated and getting packed. I would probably need a week of preparing for the trip after I'm able to set the date for it. Soooo. I guess Easter is hoping for too much. Sigh. Guess I'll set my sights on end of April? *pout* I'm soooooooo homesick. So missing my husband and family down there. But I've been here so long this time that I'm going to be homesick for here the moment I'm unpacked there.

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