Monday, March 30, 2009

Top of My Wish List

Oh, do I need this! This would make life so much easier for me as a writer and researcher with documents and data bases; as a blogger with multiple web sites in production with all their associated graphics.; as a family member who has taken on the task of digitizing five generations of family photos; as a collector of podcasts, ebooks, audio books and music. I just recently spent significant chunks of two weekend days backing up to thumb drives. It is past time to do it again but the audio and image thumbs are full and I'm balking at facing the complex choices involved. I visited Clickfree's site and watched the two videos and what I like most about these drives beyond the ease of backing up, is that you can access and use the files from the drive. This is definitely going near the top of my wish list!!

VanillaJoy has a giveaway going on for this. Go check it out. It's over at midnight tomorrow!

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