Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Forays In Fiction: Script Frenzy

Ever since I learned that the creators of NaNoWriMo had created a second month-long challenge for script writing I've played with the idea of participating as a spur for learning the formats for play writing--screen, stage, TV--something I've had on that perennial ToDo list with the heading Someday.

When I set out to write this post I intended to just put up a promo for the challenge while admitting that I was capitulating to circumstance beyond my control which make it impossible for me to participate this year. You know, the whole sad story about my being over committed as it is what with helping out with the post surgery/post stroke care of my Mom and how I'm hoping to be able to set a date to return home in 3-4 weeks which puts packing and traveling and unpacking smack in the middle of Script Frenzy month. Thus participating would be impossible by any sane calculation. Wouldn't it?

Then I spent an hour wandering around the Script Frenzy site reading the FAQ and the How-Tos and I began to feel myself caving to a seductive whispery 'Why not? It's only half the word-count of NaNo. You can even adapt one or more of your already written stories (or any existing story for that matter) to play or graphic novel format. And it is after all the learning of the play forms that is the point. Plus who says you have to win the first try? It took four trys to win NaNo and you never considered not participating even after two abject failures followed by a third half-abject failure to cross the 50K finish line. So why not? In fact, instead of thinking of it as yet another burdensome commitment, why not think of it as a play date?'

EEEEEE Gads! I must be even more sleep deprived than I thought.

Note: Sorry this is so late publishing. I started work on it before midnight Friday and sometime after midnight Blogger stopped saving my draft and started giving me a 403 error 'forbidden access'. It wouldn't even let me back in to my dashboard for hours--til after 6AM!!!

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