Monday, March 09, 2009

I Can Almost Smell It

This was where my Dad worked for about thirty years. Though he was the book keeper then office manager then expediter he still had to go out in the foundry area, machine shop and pattern shops frequently. I visited the site a number of times as a child and teen. Two or three times in my teens I subbed for his secretary/receptionist when she went on vacation.

Once, while still grade-school age, I was allowed to watch--from the outer yard doors--the men pouring the molten steel. It looks much as I remember it from forty years ago. I can almost smell it. I cringe as I watch that one guy put his foot so near that bucket of fire, remembering the time my Dad's boss got splashed during a pour and molten metal got inside his boot. I didn't witness that just heard my Dad's many retellings of the event and of seeing the damage done to the man's foot.

Oh, yeah. Ed worked in the machine shop here where they grind and polish the product after it cools for about a month in the early years of our marriage.

Just on a lark I did a search on YouTube for Longview Washington and this was one of the videos I found. I've no connetion with whoever uploaded it and only hope they don't mind me embedding it here. I'd had the thought I might find some nice vids of local scenery and historical parks and buildings etc. It never occurred to me I'd find a flashback.

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