Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just Finished

I prepared the shell for this post well before midnight in anticipation of finishing this book in the next couple of hours. Which I did just before 1AM. But then I had to load the dishwasher which I'd put off in order to finish the book first. And then, having discovered an email announcing I'd won another book on Goodreads I headed over there first and hung out for quite awhile. I updated my profile by changing this book from 'currently reading' to 'read' and added some first reaction type comments to my review there. I also broke in my new status at Goodreads as 'librarian' to update their info on this book with its number of pages and a cover image.

After all of that I'm too wiped to do anything like a review here as planned so I'm going to paste in the comments I left on Goodreads with links to it. Which serves the purpose of sharing my Goodreads profile and/or introducing the book lover's community:

My Goodreads review of The Weedkiller's Daughter by Harriette Simpson Arnow:

rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just finished this in the wee hours of March 13 and am still sorting out my feelings about it. It's quite a disturbing story, which I expected it to be having read Arnow's The Dollmaker.

I'm also still sorting out what is safe to say about it without divulging spoilers.

For now I'll say this is a must for any who is already an Arnow fan; for any with an interest in feminist issues or the coming of age of a young girl; for any with an interest in stories that highlight the hypocrisy embedded in The Establishment; in environmentalism; and in the culture of the Suburb as it developed throughout 1960s America.

View all my reviews on Goodreads.

Next, I'm picking up the first book I won on Goodreads: Linda Fairstein's Lethal Legay.

The book I learned I'd won tonight was Randy Davila's novel, The Gnostic Mystery

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