Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday Serenity #117

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Now it probably seems bizarre to associate tightrope walking with serenity. Especially after I just used the metaphor to stand for the extremely stressful experience of getting my files backed up in yesterday's post. But as I contemplated tightrope walking (especially with the help of this awesome photo) I realized that it would not be possible to do this if one had not learned the art of serenity: centeredness, focus, the ability to be here now.

Something about gazing at this picture triggers a semblance of serenity for me right now. Maybe it is contemplating the serenity the man on the tightrope must be experiencing. Maybe it is considering the joy the photographer must be tapped into. Or maybe it is the simple lines, the blue sky the stark contrast between light and shadow. Or maybe it is the grandeur of the landscape implied by those massive rocks against that crystalline sky.

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