Thursday, March 05, 2009


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I just accidentally, somehow published this post while trying to type the title. That's how out of it I am after a full day on less than two hours of sleep. All because last night took me way longer to post than I anticipated and then forgetting that I had started working on the psot before I loaded the dishwasher, I allowed myself a relaxing game or two until I got sleepy. Then as I was preparing to lay down I remembered the full sink and half full dishwasher which my sister was counting on having run before breakfast which was now less than three hours off for her and Mom. When I got into the kitchen I also spotted the onion I had promised to chop for the next day's salad. So it was over an hour later before I was back in the bedroom and I was wide awake again. So I read for a bit then played another game and another. And suddenly realized there was light behind the curtains.

So when I realized it was seven-thirty and I was still going like an energizer bunny, I decided I might as well stay up all day. Ha. That lasted about an hour. About eight-thirty I had to lay down or I would have fallen over. But I set my alarm for ninety minutes later. I figured I'd hit the snooze a few times but I didn't. I got up and ended up staying up.

And managed to stay awake and competent all day. And without the help of coffee too. I had run out of my instant coffee crystals yesterday and subbed green tea.

Well enough blathering about it. Esc. here I come.

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