Monday, March 02, 2009

12 Flashes of Joy

Still working feverishly at the photo scanning project. The last couple of days I've been going through the box devoted to pictures of me. When I came across the piles of school photos from kindergarten through highschool--of all sizes from half-wallet to 5x7--I got the idea of trying to fit the entire 13 years on a single sheet for a single scan. I'd already scanned them all one or two at a time using the larger versions so I didn't really need to scan them in again but I liked this idea and I liked it even better once I had laid them on the black cardboard. I used a white correction pen to write the grade numbers. Grade 8 is missing for some reason. Entirely not just in the right size. Total mystery as I have no memory of having missed a photo day in Jr. High. And the next size up for grade 9 was double wallet size and wouldn't have fit. Which is just as well. I hated--HATED--those glasses. Notice how they did not appear in the next two--I wore them in my pocket whenever I could get away with it. After they had gotten broke from sitting on my coat pocket one too many times, Mom finally realized that getting the sturdier frames wasn't paying off in the way she had planned and I finally was allowed to order a pair of the granny frames all the rage at that time.

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Bonnie Jacobs 4/14/2010 5:52 AM  

How great to have the entire series of school photos together like this!

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