Saturday, February 28, 2009

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Four Pictures of Multnomah Falls, Oregon taken by my Dad.

I spent over six hours working on the picture scanning project today. I'm posting these pics of Multnomah Falls tonight as they go with the theme of last night's post about scanning my family's five decades worth of road trip photos to serve as inspiration and reference for the settings of my fiction. Before I got the idea of doing that I was passing over the pics that didn't have family members posing in them.

Forgive me for not cropping these four shots and tweaking their color, contrast etc. My eyes are fried and my mind swirls with images and memories. Like the one I'm preparing to post for tomorrow's Sunday Serenity as soon as I click publish on this one.

For more info about the falls, click the link in the photo caption.

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