Monday, February 09, 2009

Remembering Dewey

I was delighted tonight when, on a whim, I clicked on a link to Dewey's blog that appeared on another book blog, and it worked. The last several times I tried in late December and early January I got only Page Not Found. That was like loosing Dewey all over again.

I had continued to visit frequently after her passing because her site had become my portal into the book blogging community. I had also been taking lessons on how to do book blogging just by taking note of what Dewey did. So I was dismayed when I could no longer access her site. But I also understood how there might have been valid reasons why her husband had to take it down.

I don't know why I clicked on that link tonight. But I am so happy I did. Not only was her blog there, but there was a new post by her husband in which he seems to be saying he plans to leave it up.

I discovered Dewey's blog shortly before the first 24-hr-Read-a-Thon in October 2007. I have so much to thank that Read-a-Thon for and thus Dewey herself for dreaming it up and doing all the work to make it happen. Not only was it an awesome experience, it was through my participating that opportunities for hosting giveaways came my way.

Then there were the prizes I won in the summer 2008 Read-a-thon. The essay collection, The Maternal is Political. And the Books Make Me Smile mug pictured below holding my bookmark bouquet.

Every time I look at that mug I smile. And think of Dewey.

I took those two pics shortly before I left Phoenix. Shortly before I packed for this extended visit to my Mom's. Both the mug and the bookmarks came with me and the bookmark bouquet now sits close by in my temporary workstation as pictured in last Wednesday's and Thursday's posts--Workstation Wangling and Workstation Woes. Well actually, I guess the mug shows up only in the first workstation post.

Anyway. I am so pleased to find Dewey's blog is still there, still available to learn from and find my way to other book blogs through.

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