Saturday, February 07, 2009

Merlin Looking Wise

This picture was taken the night I was packing for this extended visit to my Mom's. Merlin spent that whole night investigating every bag and box, book and bauble as I sorted and shifted and shoved and stuffed stuff for a marathon fourteen hours. This was one of the nearly two-hundred pics I took between Thanksgiving and last Wednesday just before I transferred them off my camera Many of them were taken for the express purpose of illustrating posts I had in mind. Some of those posts were made and are still awaiting their picture. Some I've yet to write or prepare because I was waiting until I got the pictures off the camera. I'm now trying to decide what to do about the ones intended for posts throughout December and January. Updating old posts isn't quite in the spirit of blogging. Who looks at old posts? Who even cares? Other than me that is.

So Mr Wizard, got any wise to share with me tonight?

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