Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Blooming February

The crocus are blooming in my Mom's yard. The first of them poked their heads out nearly a week ago. This morning we received a dusting of snow and I wish I could have got pictures of the flowers framed by snow but by the time I woke it had all melted.

The leaves of another flower are up too. Either tulips or daffodils I presume. I'm not good at recognizing plants by their leaves. I got pictures of the mystery leaves and of some yellow crocus too but I'm too rushed to prepare more pictures for posting as I'm pushing to finish Toni Morrison's latest novel, a mercy, which I have checked out on my sister's library card. It is due tomorrow and is a high demand book that won't renew and carries a dollar a day overdue fine.

How I wish I could write like Toni Morrison. Sigh.

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